Muscles in Conceptualization

Do you have plans for launching a new media concept / platform? Or you want to expand your existing business onto other platforms like tablets and mobile devices? And you could really need an extra hand in concept development, technology engineering and / or monetization expertise?

Contact Willis & Stallone. They love to hear those great ideas you have in mind!

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Conceptualization Expertise

Concept design

W&S has years of experience within the development of new media concepts, including graphical design and concept development!

App development

Do you want to expand your business onto other digital platforms? W&S can help you out with the app development and support.

Marketing support

Your concept first needs to grow before you can harvest. W&S can support you with marketing to help you achieve your goals so you can start monetizing.

Media monetization

W&S are your muscles in media monetization. We offer monetization advise within the areas of online video, E-Commerce and E-Publishing.