Muscles in E-Publishing

Are you a book publisher and looking for new digital products or additional business models? W&S offer professional solutions to distribute and sell your (e)Books!

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E-Publishing Features

Booqees White Label

Are you a publisher of children's books looking for new digital monetization opportunities? Contact us about Booqees white label solutions.

Designed for children

Our Booqees platform is a safe and easy-to-use application with several gamification elements to make reading extra fun for children.

Multiple profiles

One Booqees account supports multiple user profiles so several users can access their own favorite E-Books and settings within seconds!

Your catalogue

Distribute, promote and sell your complete catalogue onto several digital platforms like web browsers, tablets & mobile devices.

Monetization models

We offer several monetization models for your catalogue, like selling subscriptions, rentals and physical copies of your books to your customers.


Booqees white label is available on your web browser, iPad and Android tablets. So your customers can access your E-Books no matter where they are!

Streaming E-Books

Booqees streams E-Books instead of providing downloads. Not only is this more safe in regards to piracy but also more user-friendly as well!


Our Booqees platform will give personal recommendations based on your user profile, so there is always something new and exciting to read!